Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk v3.7.1 (Unlimited Money/Soul)

Mortal Kombat X Intro:

Mortal kombat is an action game developed by an American franchise back in 1992. This game is very popular among the gamers because it is oldest fighting game. But now we have Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk for unlimited Money & Souls with unlocked all characters. Along with different comics and Card games , Mortal kombat movies is also a reason of its popularity.

It is an exceptional arcade game with around 50 million registered players in world and numbers are increasing each day. Talking about an arcade game, Mortal Kombat 11 is last from series in this category.

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There are many sequels of Mortal Kombat X but original Mortal Kombat is known as first game to give the concept of a secret fighter. Latest addition in this series is Mortal Kombat 11 which was brought to market in 2019.

Mortal Kombat X Game Feature:

Mortal Kombat X is a game which is providing a number of quality features to its users from a long time. Excellent 3D graphics and user friendly controls eases the player and creates more interest.

Fictional story line and amazing characters which are about 130 in numbers make it a eye-catching game. Every character in this game has unique powers and abilities depending upon which player can select his desired character.

It is a unique game in which every day difficulty level increases in proportion to progress made. There are no such tactics involve in fighting but depends upon the skills of one playing the game.

So we can summarize the features of Mortal Kombat X as following.

Good graphics
Unique characters
Easy gameplay
Fictional story
New missions and challenges

Advantages Of Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk

You may be not understand why you should download this Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk 2022. So you should read this potion definitely otherwise you may lose a chance to enjoy more than orginal game.

Advantages of installing Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk are following:

a. Unlimited Soul & Money:
If you have this Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk then ready to have unlimited money and soul in starting of the game. You can safe your money and time by playing thing long lasting game.
b. Excellent Graphics:
We have created this game as original and we know excellent graphics make more enjoyable to the game. So you will have good graphics as original in Mortal Kombat X Apk
c. Unlocking of new characters:
An other advantage is waiting for you and that is characters, you will have unlocked all characters in starting of game using this Mortal Kombat X Apk for mobile users.

Different Mortal Kombat X Offline Mods:

There are different Mortal Kombat X Mods, which are following.

Story mode
Tower mode
Krypt mode
Online mode

Game Story:

Mortal Kombat X has a unique plot which revolves around a fictional universe. There are 18 realms which are currently surviving in universe under elder Gods. Six out of them are from earth.

They fought multiple battles with each other in each series to maintain supremacy. Outward powers try to dominate inward powers which are of earth through multiple battles.

At few places player has the opportunity to select one side and can carry game according to his own will. In every new part of game, there is a new story and new battles.

In latest part of Mortal Kombat X which is MK 11’s expansion, player has choice to decide whether Tsung or fire god will win.


Mortal Kombat X provides an excellent gameplay with three basic moves which can be customized and can be connected together to be used in conjunction with each other.

Different skills of every character can be enhanced and maximum utilization of their skills is possible through mastery over controls.

This is more of a multiplayer game. Mostly it is two players playing with each other or one player vs CPU. Moreover 3v3 battles make it more interesting than previous parts.

Final blow in this game is very important factor by which opponent can be killed instead of knocking him down which is called “Fatalities”.

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